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Maple Hunter Decals - Indiana
Maple-Hunter Decals is a family-owned, small business that has been providing antique tractor decals to restoration enthusiasts for over 50 years.  Now in our third generation, we continually strive to provide accurate reproductions of the original decals made on the highest quality material available in the industry.

Vinyl Decals
The vinyl decals on this website are printed on high performance material which is especially suited for outdoor applications.  Our vinyl decals are "cut out" or "die cut" and sandwiched between backing paper and application tape.  When applied, these "cut out" decals leave no clear plastic film between the individual letters giving your restoration project the best possible finish.

Mylar Decals

The mylar decals on this website are printed on a clear plastic film which is also suited for outdoor applications.  When applied, mylar decals have clear film betwen the letters and around the edges and represent a more economical choice for your restoration project.
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